Guidelines for Festivals

Festivals' Obligations to Tellers

  • To provide clear, accurate and concise information to tellers. At the application stage this should include: how to apply, deadlines for application and a date by which tellers will receive an acceptance or regrets.
  • To state clearly how the tellers will be chosen (e.g. date of application, balance in program, lottery, etc.)
  • To inform any teller who has applied in time about the status of their application by the date indicated on the application
  • To provide a written acceptance and contract.
  • To provide in writing details such as time, place and fee.
  • To communicate clearly in regards to their expectations as well as what they will do for the teller (e.g. billeting, transportation etc.)
  • To respond quickly to queries and clear up any uncertainties as they come up.
  • To be open about whether they are paying all, some, or none of their tellers, and whether they are paying more to featured tellers or a flat rate to all.
  • To clearly spell out arrangements for travel expenses beforehand. While it is accepted that there are times when storytellers will donate their services, festival committees have an obligation to try to pay all tellers at the SC-CC recommended rates as above.

Tellers' Obligations to Festivals

  • To provide an accurate account, in their application, of what they propose to do.
  • To respect deadlines, particularly that of signing and returning contracts.
  • To respect the terms of their engagement, particularly with respect to time frames and material told.
  • To communicate clearly any needs or expectations (e.g. equipment required) and to clear up any uncertainties as they come up
  • To declare the value of their work - especially when they are telling for a reduced fee or as a donation. This obligation applies to festivals just as it does to all other telling engagements.

Oct 2010

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