Judith Poirier - Welcome to My Double Living Room!

Judith Poirier

Judith Poirier invites you into her salon double (double parlour) a classic feature of many Montreal apartments. Immersed in family stories since childhood and fascinated by traditional tales, Judith takes you on a journey through time. Without leaving her salon double, you will stroll through typical French-Canadian neighbourhoods of Montreal from the time of her parents’ childhood, and meet characters from traditional tales collected from anglophone and francophone storytellers.

In this double album are stories told in English and French. The folktales told in English are from French-Canadian and French repertoires. Those told in French are taken from works not translated into French until now.

You can buy this album through our online shop, or to purchase a digital download of this album through Bandcamp.

About Judith

For over 25 years, Judith has explored the oral traditions of French Canada and from around the world. Here, she merges these stories with those carved from the wrought iron of Montreal staircases, and featuring characters from her own personal heritage. Judith’s stories have charmed audiences of all ages across Canada.

By her involvement with Québec’s Family Resource Centres, Judith is well-recognized for her innovative use of storytelling in social work.

Click below to listen to the story "La Spagnola", from Judith's album. You can also listen to the StorySave podcast, titled "Three Threads" about Judith's work and her album.

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