Jan Andrews - Written in the Body

Jan Andrews

Storytelling lost an enormous talent and champion in September 2017. Jan Andrews was an extraordinary teller and author, and StorySave was lucky to have recorded two albums of her work, Two Women of the Odyssey in 2015, and the very personal Written in the Body, in 2014.

Written in the Body - synopsis

Surely coming out as a lesbian at the age of forty-five was enough! After all, Jan had worked hard since then. She’d built a comfortable lesbian life for herself. Now the winds of upheaval were blowing through once more.

Woven around a literary story by British writer Sara Maitland–a seal story about a young man compelled to dress as a woman to mark his coming of age—Written in the Body carries listeners through the storm-tossed seas of dreams forgotten and into the perilous realms of what might have been.

Written in the Body is the shimmering, irresistible story of life-long yearnings. Andrews’ voice issupple, unforgettable, and perfectly paced for this extraordinary drama of discovery,” 

- Jo Radner,past president, National Storytelling Network, U.S.A. 

Listen to an excerpt from the opening track, Seal-self, from Jan Andrew's Written in the Body.

To purchase a copy of this CD, please visit the CD's page in the SC-CC Shop.  And, to purchase a digital download, click here to go to the album's Bandcamp page.

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