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Comfort Iyase Ero

Comfort Iyase-Ero is an accomplished storyteller, author, teacher and award-winning playwright. As a young French teacher in Nigeria, she realized the teaching power of storytelling and continued to use it in her teaching when she immigrated to Canada. Her Vancouver- based theatre company, African Stages, runs youth programs and uses storytelling as an anti-bullying tool to teach empowerment, compassion, and cultural pride. An African proverb says “When an old person dies, it is as if a whole city library is burnt”. With Tohio!, Comfort preserves and spreads these precious and important tales.

In Edo, Tohio! Hia, hia kpo! means “Come quickly, I have a story to tell!” This album shares some formative stories from Udo, Nigeria, where Comfort was born and raised, and highlights African storytelling. Recorded as it was meant to be performed with music, and encouraging dance, Tohio! celebrates one of the very rich Nigerian cultures.

Click on the player below to listen to the audio documentary on Comfort's life and work in storytelling, titled Comfort Ero: Come Quickly! I Have a Story to Tell, produced with the generous funding of Canada Council for the Arts and many StorySave supporters.

You can buy this CD in our shop pages, and you also purchase a digital download of this album through Bandcamp.

StorySave and Comfort Ero are pleased to recognize the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts in the production of Comfort's album and the accompanying documentary podcast.

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