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StorySave is a program of Storytellers of Canada / Conteurs du Canada recording the voices of elders from the Canadian storytelling community. Those voices are then made available to listeners world-wide as part of a living legacy through our website and through the production and sale of CDs and/or other recordings.


Nominations are welcome for all storytellers who have made a significant contribution to the storytelling world. Only those nominees who have developed a marked personal style to the craft of storytelling, including but not limited to their vision, technique, interests, influence, history, and specific repertoire will be considered.


Each year, a jury of StorySave Committee Members will select the person(s) who will be the next “teller” to be recorded from the nominations received. The StorySave Chair presides over the deliberations.

Initially, the committee looks at three things:
  1. That the nominee is an accomplished teller who is highly respected and acknowledged within their community 
  2. That he/she has a distinct and unique repertoire of stories
  3. That there is a production committee in place, ideally one that is local to the nominee, dedicated to seeing a SS project through to successful fruition. With the support of the StorySave Project Manager, the committee works on technical aspects, fundraising, production, launches and other necessary local details.

Nomination Procedure

You may nominate a teller using the online form available on the SC-CC Members’ website. All nominations must be received no later than midnight October 31st EST.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to the StorySave Project Manager at storysave@storytellers-conteurs.ca


The committee will make a decision no later than December 1st.  The person will be notified, in writing, in late December, and their name will be announced at the SC-CC Annual Conference.

*Please note: when you have submitted your application successfully there will be an on-screen confirmation as well as an email sent to your account confirming the application was sent. If you do not receive this email, please email storysave@storytellers-conteurs.ca

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