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Where Languages Meet, Conference 2015

Master Class Descriptions

InterPlay - MARIE BRYCE (In English)

Interplay is a combination of storytelling, movement, song and stillness. It is a practice that includes tools and forms to help unlock one’s inner creativity through improvisational play. Come enjoy a full-day master class of InterPlay and move towards developing confidence and playfulness in storytelling, build improvisational skills, break down barriers to creation and find inspiration. Have fun with telling personal and partnered stories, stories through movement and song, and strengthen your connection to the storytelling community. 

Cynthia Winton Henry and Phil Porter created InterPlay in Oakland California over 25 years ago and it is now practiced around the world.

The Storyteller’s Body - ALEXIS ROY (In French)

In this workshop, the participants will learn about the notion of stage presence. Alexis Roy will talk about the 5 fundamental laws of presence, achieved through proven techniques from various theatrical styles (Eugenio Barbas, Oleg Kissiliëv), which will allow storytellers to free themselves from their old reflexes and stereotypes. Telling without showing or mimic, but with a free body.
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