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Welcome to the 20th Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada (SC-CC) annual conference WebsiteContes courants - Story Streams.

The Conference took place at the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. The Conference was from August 2 to 5, 2012 (with pre-conference activities from July 30).

This event marked a milestone for the organization, since the first conference took place in Montréal 20 years ago. For several of the organization’s founders, it was a amazing return to the roots. Almost 150 storytellers from accross Canada attend the conference to share their stories and their skills.

By using the drop-down menus (in the upper part of the web pages) you will be able to live again the major events of the conference: watch some photos, see the conference schedule, the description of the concerts and workshops, the featured storytellers’ biographies, and some practical informations (the conference rates, the registration form, etc.).

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