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"Rivers of Voices, Ocean of Stories: Coming Together" Conference 2022

Artist Biographies

Artist Biographies

Noa Baum

Noa Baum is an award-winning storyteller, educator and public speaker performing internationally with diverse audiences. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Noa offers a unique combination of performance art and practical workshops that focus on the power of stories to heal across the divides of identity and build bridges for peace.


Mariella Bertelli 

A versatile storyteller, experienced in performance, Mariella also loves telling in intimate settings to varied. She believes in the power of stories to transform and inspire.


Sandy Cole, Laurie Hutchison, Margaret Murphy (Around Town Tellers)

From kitchen table discussions, Margaret, Laurie and Sandy, as well as many courageous friends, created a storytelling community in Nanaimo, BC in 2007, that continues to thrive to this day. Margaret, Laurie and Sandy have been offering a variety of storytelling workshops and presentations, both collectively and individually, for over twenty years.


Bethany Ellis

When the campers would not listen to a story reading, I began a story telling, and, experiencing the power of that connection I have continued telling for more years than I care to count, in schools, libraries, theatres,trains, under trees and even a few graveyards. 


Elizabeth Ellis 

Elizabeth Ellis grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and was a children’s librarian at the Dallas Public Library before becoming a professional storyteller. She is a versatile and riveting teller of Appalachian and Texas tales and stories of heroic American women, though her personal stories are arguably her best. Invariably hilarious and poignant, she is a recipient of both the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Network.


Jennifer Ferris

Jennifer engages with audiences of all ages. She gives workshops on a range of storytelling topics and works with individuals to improve their storytelling practice. The power of language is very important to her


Saulo Giri

Saulo Olmedo Evans, also known as Saulo Giri, has been telling stories for more than 8 years. In 2018, he took part in the Montréal, Arts Interculturels (MAI)’s Mentorship Program to create his new storytelling show, "Le cordonnier va nu-pieds", which has been presented in November 2019.

Margo McLoughlin

Margo McLoughlin and Faye Mogensen have been telling stories for over thirty years each. The natural world and the people who have explored it are some of their favourite subjects.


Kim Michele

Kim is a diverse performer, author, storyteller, RCM artist educator and musician. She blends her enchanting voice combining storytelling amid the sounds of the ancient harp with tales of fairy, folklore, legends, poetry, rhyme and her original stories and songs that reflect upon summers in a cottage by the sea. Kim has a love for the old ancient traditional ballads and performs them in story and song.


Judy Millar

Judy Millar is a writer, speaker and comedic storyteller. She's been published in Reader’s Digest, Writer’s Digest and in anthologies such as Flash Nonfiction Funny (Woodhall Press, 2018). 


Faye Mogensen

Margo McLoughlin and Faye Mogensen have been telling stories for over thirty years each. The natural world and the people who have explored it are some of their favourite subjects.


Margaret Murphy

Margaret Murphy's life-long passion for story is twofold. First, she loves researching, writing and sharing stories of feisty women. Margaret is equally passionate about helping others find their storytelling voice.


Loren Niemi

Loren Niemi has spent forty years as a professional storyteller, creating, directing, performing and teaching stories about what matters to audiences of all ages in urban and rural settings. His work has included sharing contemporary personal, traditional and ghost stories.


Cindy Shantz

For many years, Cindy has entertained and inspired audiences from Vancouver Island to Switzerland (where she lived for nine years). Her personal stories involve humour, insight and poignancy—as seen in her recent one-hour Ottawa StoryStage performance, “Life is an Adventure and . . . WOW! What a Ride!” She also enjoys conducting workshops on the art of creating and telling a story.


Rachel Dunstan Muller

Rachel Dunstan Muller has been storytelling in one form or another for more than two decades. She is the author of four trade-published children’s novels and countless essays and articles for adults, but her passion is sharing oral stories. A past participant of Canadian Children's Book Week as well as a Canada Council for the Arts grant recipient, Rachel currently produces two podcasts: Hintertales: Stories from the Margins of History for adults, and Sticks and Stones and Stories for young listeners. You can access both podcasts through her website at

Rubena Sinha

Rubena interweaves stories of personal history with Hindu mythology and folktales in a quest to find meaning in the face of life’s challenges. 


Norman Walker

Saskatchewan based Norm Walker mainly uses music as a way to deliver a wide variety of stories.  Consequently, he calls himself more of a “story-singer” than a storyteller. Essentially, he believes that music can add another dimension to a story and perhaps make it more memorable. Norm receives much of his inspiration from folk tales, urban legends, family history, true stories, internet anecdotes, literature, the Saskatchewan prairie, gardening, apostrophe abuse, politics, community and electricity (he’s a retired electrician instructor).

Norm has released two CDs of mostly story-songs: 2002 - "T" Time - Time Tested Tales, Tall and True and 2011 - Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

Heather Whaley

Heather Whaley is an orator who is best known as a musical storyteller singer-songwriter for both adults and children. She tells and sings traditional and original stories and songs and has performed and toured nationally and internationally in many venues including schools, libraries,cafés, festivals, pubs, and for special community events. A consummate performer for 28 years, Heather has learned to more than appreciate the value of stories and music in our lives.

Tom Lips

Tom Lips is a gifted storyteller who has worked with a wide range of materials, from ancient epics (the Odyssey, the Iliad, the Mabinogion, the Kalevala) to traditional folk tales and legends of many lands, to literary stories, poetry, and his own original stories.  He favours tales of high adventure, laughter and the supernatural.  Tom performs for audiences of all ages, but most often for adults, youth and children aged 10 and older.

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