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"To Hear and Be Heard: Tales to Link Us All", Conference 2016

Vancouver Transit Information

Vancouver Transit Information

The transit authority for the Greater Vancouver area is called Translink and their information can be found at this website: 

Their trip planner can be useful in finding out how to get from A to B.  You can also call them at 604-953-3333 (0), 5:30 am – 12:30 am, to speak to a person.  

Getting to the conference from the airport

Taxi – costs approximately $40.00.

Canada Line and Bus – takes you across the street from Gage Residence.This is a great connection.  The Canada Line station is attached to the airport, follow signs that say ‘Ground Transportation’.  

Buy a Compass ticket at the vending machine. Cost: $9.75 adult; $ 7.75 senior; after 6:30 pm, $7.75 adult; $6.75 senior.  The machines take credit cards and bills up to $20.  They do give change.

Use your ticket to tap in at the entry gate.

Go to Broadway/City Hall Station.  Tap out and keep the ticket as it transfers to the bus system.

You come out of the station on the Southeast corner of Broadway and Cambie, facing Broadway, with Cambie to your left. Cross Broadway AND Cambie. The bus stop you want is on the Northwest corner, but walk west from the corner a bit to the stop that says #99.  (You do not want the #9 Broadway bus)

Service approximately every 5 minutes Monday – Friday daytimes, 7-8 minutes during evenings and 10 minutes on Saturday/Sunday.

General information:

Within Vancouver there are buses and a Skytrain, a rapid transit elevated train system and a SeaBus that travels from Vancouver to North Vancouver.   The Skytrain has three lines.  The one from downtown Vancouver to the airport and back is called the Canada Line.


There are differences in cost arrangements between the buses and the Skytrain or SeaBus.  


  • Has a zone system; costs more when your trip takes you over a zone border.  The trip from the airport to UBC is 2 zones.
  • You need to use the Compass system to use Skytrain or SeaBus.  (You won’t need the SeaBus, except as a possibility for exploring.)  
  • We who use these regularly buy a plastic Compass Card with funds purchased and stored on the card that get used each time we use them.  
  • It will be much easier for you to purchase Compass tickets.  These are available from vending machines at all Skytrain stations, including the one at the airport.  
  • You can buy a Compass single ticket and a day pass.  The day pass costs $9.75/adult and $7.50/senior.  The single tickets costs vary according to how many zones are involved in your trip:  
    • one zone adult $2.75, senior $1.75
    • two zones adult $4.00, senior $2.75
    • three zones adult $5.50, senior $3.75. 


$2.75 / adult

$1.75 / senior

All of Greater Vancouver is one zone.

Must pay with exact amount of change on the bus; they give you a ticket.  You need a ticket; fine for not having one is $173.00.   The ticket is for the bus only; if transferring to the Skytrain, need a separate ticket.

May need to provide proof of age if using senior rate.

Transfer is good in any direction for 90 minutes.

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