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"Weaving Baskets of Knowledge" Conference 2019

Master Class Options, Wednesday June 5th

Master Class Options, Wednesday June 5th

*Master Classes include a one-hour lunch, and morning and afternoon refreshment breaks.


Master Class with Rob Malo 

Wednesday June 5th, 2019, 9am to 4pm

(English and French)

A process of creating an oral story is shared, followed by the creation of a visual storyboard to produce either a graphic novel or a short play with any given story. Participants work in small groups to edit each other's visual storyboards. By taking in fellow storyteller’s feedback they revisit their stories from this new perspective. The site is used throughout this workshop to help describe every step of the creation process.

Each participant should have a story in mind that is mostly developed and ready to be shared with others. Bring your pencils, coloured markers, highlighters, blank paper, notes, recorders, iPads, laptop computers and any other tool that may help in your regular creative process. By the end of the workshop, participant's stories will be turned into an easily edited visual storyboard that is ready for adaptation.

About Rob Malo 

Raised in a Franco-Manitoban Métis family, Rob Malo is a writer,
performer, and community-builder who shares his passion for history and culture through traditional music, storytelling and song. Drawing on his background as an Educational Programs Developer at the Manitoba Museum and as a Professor in the Tourism Department of l'Université de St. Boniface, Rob has been awarded multiple Certificates of Excellence from Interpretation Canada for both TiBert le Voyageur live presentations and digital educational tools.


Master Class with Pearl-Ann Gooding

Wednesday June 5th, 2019, 9am to 4pm


Facilitating Workshops for students and/or staff in a school setting has particular guidelines and outcomes that should be experienced from both the Art of Storytelling and what that encompasses as well as the education system and the criteria that can be met. Whether your workshop is a single ½ day experience that basically covers a crash course in what storytelling could be for a professional development session for teachers/instructors or an actual in depth intensive course that could be explored by cultivating the various mediums and outcomes taking 1-3 weeks with students geared to grades 9-11, or an opportunity to teach simple concepts or mentor students for public speaking or performances, this workshop can give you tools and direction of how to accomplish this.

We will explore the different outcomes and objectives that each element of storytelling can bring in a school setting through modeling, games, interactive exploration, individual exploration, performance and grading with a sample rubric. You will be come away with a day by day schedule/work plan that you can use as a guide [or modify to focus on areas that specific schools/teachers would like to see] to running an intensive workshop in schools.

About Pearl-Ann Gooding

Pearl-Ann Gooding has instructed workshops for various Teaching Associations and Support Staff Conferences in addition to intensive student workshops in schools for fifteen years including 9 consecutive years in her own school. She is the 2014 recipient of Canada’s highest recognition of storytellers for their work in increasing awareness in the Art; SC-CC's national StoryKeeper Award; represented SC-CC at FEST in Kia, Greece in 2015; and coordinated the 2017 national conference for SC-CC. She has organized storytelling events as an individual artist for large groups of storytellers, produced a provincial CD with a three-city tour, toured with the Canadian Children’s Book Tour, sat as a SC-CC board member for 10 years, held all the TALES Alberta provincial executive positions, is chairperson of the TALES Emerging Storytelling Scholarship and currently is a co-coordinator of the 2019 TALES provincial retreat. In addition, Pearl-Ann has performed for and/or instructed storytelling on behalf of SC-CC, TALES or as an individual artist freelancing, in every province, one territory and three international countries. She works endlessly to pass on her passion of storytelling to new audiences and students. She works in a Jr/Sr High School in her home town of Wainwright, Alberta.


Master Class with Stéphanie Bénéteau

Wednesday June 5th, 2019, 9am to 4pm

(English and French)

This workshop will allow participants to delve deeply into their personal artistic processes in order to explore the raw materials they work with (repertoire, body, voice); the sources of inspiration, masters and artistic currents that influence their practice; the style that is uniquely theirs and the deeper intentions that guide their work. In a retreat-style workshop allowing for introspection but also group work, the participants will map their artistic journey/career path in order to better understand and communicate their unique artistic process and the place their work occupies in the larger picture of contemporary storytelling. This work will help participants develop an accurate picture of their practice, identify some key elements of their uniqueness and plot a path of development for the future. The insights and writing produced will also be useful when writing grant submissions, bios, descriptions of shows, press kits and artistic statements as well as allow the participants to better communicate the nature of their work to audiences, programmers and grant agencies.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing. Also, please bring a notebook of some type for writing and a couple of pens. If you like to draw feel free to bring coloured pens/pencils for creative journaling.

This workshop was developed by Stéphanie in partnership with the Regroupement du conte au Québec. A 30-hour version is offered by the RCQ. 

About Stéphanie Bénéteau 

Stéphanie Bénéteau studied in literature and education before discovering her true calling as a storyteller, a calling she has been pursuing professionally since 1995. She performs in English and in French in Canada and abroad. She has received support from the Canada Council and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec to create and tour many of her shows, which include the medieval legend of Tristan and Iseult, the Greek myth of Perseus and most recently, a show based on Arthurian legend. She is also a teacher of storytelling, giving many workshops to professional storytellers, teachers and librarians and mentoring new storytellers. She developed a unique storytelling workshop that she teaches in underprivileged schools in Montreal and works extensively with children. Recently she has been working with the Regroupement du conte au Québec to develop long workshops for professional storytellers including a five-day workshop on artistic process which provides the basis for the workshop she is giving at the SC-CC conference. She contributed to the book L’art du conte en dix leçons and has published a book-CD with Planète Rebelle called Le nom de l’arbre. Her passion for storytelling manifests itself through her performances and workshops but also through her work as director of the Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival, a major international festival she has been directing since 2015.

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