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"Weaving Baskets of Knowledge" Conference 2019

Weaving Baskets of Knowledge Conference 2019
Join us June 5th to 9th 2019 for Conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick! The theme for 2019's conference is Weaving Baskets of Knowledge - Akonutomahtimok: Askomiw Latokonasuwol Kcicihtuwakonol 

The weavers are the storytellers and the baskets of knowledge are the stories.  Stories educate and give us joy.  They are intergenerational.  Stories are a defining part of all cultures, a primary way we make meaning, and a fundamental component of what makes us social beings. What baskets will you share?

News! Registration will open up in February 2019! Check back here for updates on specific dates and deadlines.

To get in touch to volunteer, or ask questions email Joanne Haley-Leblanc at

See you there!

*Conference logo credit: Bill LeBlanc

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