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"150 Golden Threads", Conference 2017

Master Class: TELLING WHAT YOU KNOW with Marva Blackmore

Master Class: TELLING WHAT YOU KNOW with Marva Blackmore

Monday, May 22, 2017  9 am - 5pm


Tuesday, May 23, 2017  9am - 5pm 

Location: 11840 87 Avenue, one block West of Lister Conference Centre on the north side of the street

**there is currently space in both class dates. If you are registering for the Master Class, please indicate which class date you would prefer to be placed in.

History has recorded our first 150 years.  Some of the most interesting reading has been the stories that individuals have chosen to share with us of their life and times.  They truly reflect Canada and its culture.  As we move on into the next 150 years, we must continue to share our stories, but we must continue to share them well.

As storytellers we know in our hearts what makes a good story.  However, learning to put that into practice is something that must be practiced. 

Using a series of exercises, we will explore how to find ways to generate interesting personal stories that have a universal appeal.  This will apply to shorter stories that can be told at slams or longer stories.

At the end of the workshop, you will:

Be able to construct a personal story that includes a strong dramatic arc.

Understand the difference between a story and an essay, a portrait, or a travelogue.

Understand the universal nature of a good personal story.

Understand the role of “truth” in personal storytelling.

Know how to expand and contract your story to make it fit within the time limits available for telling the story.

Know how to map the emotional arcs of the story.

Be tired, but will have had an enjoyable and fun day learning how to write your own story.

All notes will be provided electronically either via the workshop leader’s website or by e-mail.  No hard copy will be provided at the Master Class.


Marva Blackmore:  editor, storyteller and writer

She has told stories internationally and at venues across Canada including the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. She brings a long and varied life experience to her storytelling – be it her personal stories, historical tales, epic renderings, folk and fairy tales, or literary stories.  She has delighted audiences at festivals, coffee houses and on concert stages. She is a Past President of the Storytellers of Canada, and also belongs to the Mid-Island StoryTellers in Parksville/Qualicum Beach as well as the Around Town Tellers in Nanaimo.  

She participates in Epic tellings and was a regular participant in Stories from the Ages in Ottawa.  She also participates in the Epic tellings in Vancouver and organized the very successful telling of the Odyssey in Nanaimo in 2014.  She also organized and facilitated the preparation workshop for that event and arranged to have the event recorded and distributed via the internet to participants who could not attend.

She teaches courses in Storytelling and also leads workshops in Memoir Writing Using Storytelling Techniques. She edits fiction and memoirs for local area authors.  She also produces self-published e-books and hard-copy books for local authors under the banner of her own publishing company, Weaver of Words Publishers.

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