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"The Honour of One is the Honour of All", Conference 2018

D. Conference 2018 Special Features

D. Conference 2018 Special Features
  • Conference attendees will be invited to participate in the creation of an “Art Installation" led by an Indigenous textile artist. You are invited to bring an object of nature from your land which is of personal significance, to be placed on the installation. This exercise will be carried out throughout the conference as a marker of what we were able to achieve in the spirit of reconciliation and unity.
  • We have invited Elders-in-Residence to join us at conference and story circles as occur naturally. A list of these guests will be available on the website closer to conference. 
  • First Peoples House of Learning has invited local Elders to meet attendees during the conference which will include Elders invited from other parts of Ontario and Canada. At afternoon sessions on Friday and Saturday, this will take the format of a ‘Circle of Learning’ around a Sacred Fire held in the tipi on the site of Trent University, a short walk outside from Gzowski College. It will allow a special time to listen and reflect together on different approaches about the significance and importance of storytelling from an Indigenous perspective. This will be an opportunity for everyone to begin to know and understand each other a little better and in respect of each other’s culture and practice.
  • For a few conference activities, we will be outside right beside Gzowski College. Bring a sun hat and be prepared for friendly mosquitoes! 
  • Trent University has outside trails along the Otonabee River and Trans Canada Trail nearby to explore during free time.
  • There are water stations at Gzowski College. Bring your own refillable water bottle.
  • There will be tables for group/guild organizations to display information about their membership and services.
  • A sales table featuring members’ merchandise will be open at certain times with volunteers assisting with sales. No commission will be charged. Email subject line MERCHANDISE to arrange.
  • There will be StorySave sales including the latest addition of work by 2018 StorySave artist, Louise Profeit-Leblanc released on CD and radio podcast at the conference launch July 5th .
  • Staff and volunteers will be on hand with laptops to help you access your member login and refresh your profile page or have a photo uploaded late afternoon on Saturday, July 7th.
  • There will be a bilingual display board for posting storytelling announcements, questions and riddles for conference attendees to respond.
  • There will be a memorial hour on Friday late afternoon to honour members who have passed away during 2017-2018. Email  subject line MEMORIAL if you have a member’s name to be included and remembered.
  • Bring your voice and instrument to share stories and music informally at spontaneous gatherings, story swaps and campfires.
  • SC-CC members: bring questions and constructive suggestions to AGM and member-led focus groups Saturday morning; encourage nominees to stand for board elections on Sunday morning.
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