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"The Honour of One is the Honour of All", Conference 2018

SET 6 Saturday July 7th Sessions 90 minutes 3:30pm

SET 6 Saturday July 7th Sessions 90 minutes 3:30pm

SET 6 Saturday July 7th, 90 minutes 3:30 pm to 5 pm 

S9: Elders-in-Residence ‘Circle of Learning’; Aînés-en-résidence 

First Peoples House of Learning has invited local Elders to meet attendees during the conference which includes invitations on behalf of SC-CC to Elders from other parts of Ontario and Canada. At afternoon sessions on Friday and Saturday, this will take the format of a ‘Circle of Learning’ around a Sacred Fire held in the tipi on the site of Trent University, a short walk outside from Gzowski College. It will allow a special time to listen and reflect together on different approaches about the significance and importance of storytelling from an Indigenous perspective. This will be an opportunity for everyone to begin to know and understand each other a little better and in respect of each other’s culture and practice.

S10 The Storyteller as Radio Show Host Conteur et animateur d’émission radio 

David Merleau, North Bay, Ontario Storyteller, SC-CC Radio and Podcast Program Manager

Open to all members interested in contributing their voice to SC-Radio-CC, David will give a virtual tour of the station and show how to host a show with only a decent mic and connected computer from the comfort of your home. Using material in the SC-Radio-CC rotation, you will learn show prep, what makes good on-air content, and how to grow an audience. 

Participants: No prior experience needed. Bringing a laptop is encouraged, but not necessary.  

David Merleau Bio:

David Merleau is the Radio Project Manager for Storytellers of Canada. He has worked with CBC, VOBB, CKCU, and CKDJ, and he is the program director of SC-radio-CC. David is a tall-tale teller and a collector of Northern Ontario folktales.

S11: Elders’ Teachings through StorytellingLes enseignements des ainés à travers les contes 

Ena Greyeyes, Hatley, Québec  

UPDATE: This workshop is now full / l'atelier est plein

Ena will highlight her knowledge of traditional storytelling by sharing one of her own stories, The Wayward Goose- a captivating story of struggle and survival that addresses a modern day issue of intimidation. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the story and tips for telling to children to grasp and understand the basics of Indigenous storytelling. 

Participants: All welcome.

Ena Greyeyes Bio:

Ena is a Plains Cree Elder from the Muskeg Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan. Ena grew up in an environment where Elder occupied a crucial role in her traditional upbringing. Her childhood was deeply imparted by the presence of her maternal grandfather, who, as an adept storyteller, taught the children of the importance and value of respect, honesty, obedience and generosity. Animals and well known mythical figures like Wesakeccahk often occupied important roles in the stories to capture the imagination and reinforce lessons of moral value. Some stories were born of the moment while others belonged to the culture and were passed on from generation to generation through oral history. 

S12: Gifts from Global Storytelling Activities; Le conte, un outil pour changer le monde

Dawne McFarlane, Toronto, Ontario  

From a recent Global Gathering of Storytelling Activists working with The Earth Charter, Dawne shares ideas and exercises gathered with a focus on environmental imperatives. Exercises will feature storytelling as an effective tool changing the way people see the world and each other, and develop constructive ways of living responsibly and responsively together. 

Participants: All welcome.

Dawne McFarlane Bio:

Dawne is a storyteller, Waldorf teacher, dancer and writer. She performs across Canada and internationally, is a regular performer at the Toronto International Storytelling Festival, a long time member of the Storytelling Toronto community and current editor of “Pippin.” 

A faculty member with the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, she is the Chair of the Storytelling Department and teaches “The Art and Craft of Storytelling” to Waldorf teachers. She is the Coordinator of the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Part-Time Program. Dawne taught “Modern Storytelling: creative writing and storytelling” at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. 

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