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"The Honour of One is the Honour of All", Conference 2018

SET 4 Saturday July 7th Sessions 150 minutes 1:30pm

SET 4 Saturday July 7th Sessions 150 minutes 1:30pm

SET 4 English Saturday July 7th 150 minutes 1:30 pm to 4 pm

S1: The Four Elements of Storytelling: Water, Earth, Fire and Air 

Les quatre éléments dans les contes: Eau, Terre, Feu et Air

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, Wakefield, Québec

UPDATE: This workshop is now full

This workshop brings the four natural elements of the world into our stories to extrapolate these teachings systematically from any story, including the one closest to us, the story of our own life. Participants are invited to bring their own story, or one will be provided to work with developing new pieces using the four elements to improve a once, familiar story.

Participants: All welcome

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc Bio:

Louise is a Traditional Storyteller from the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation of the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada. Her 30 year commitment to the cultural and artistic heritage of her people includes being cofounder of the Yukon International Storytelling Festival and one of the original members of the Society of Yukon Artists of Native Ancestry. Both of these organizations helped to inspire an artistic revival and recognition of Indigenous art in the territory, while laying a strong foundation for further advancement and evolution of all Indigenous art practices in the North. Louise is recorded artist chosen for the StorySave Project 2018.

S2: From Folktales to Personal Stories: The Transformative Power of StorytellingLe pouvoir transformateur des contes

Mary Hays, Olds, Alberta and Doreen Vanderstoop, Calgary, Alberta  

UPDATE: This workshop is now full

Participants learn about the origins and benefits of oral storytelling and discover how traditional transformational folktales from the oral tradition can guide them in finding and telling their own original stories. Take part in kinetic, mental and oral exercises that demonstrate the transformative power of the oral tradition. The workshop will close with a story sharing circle where you can tell a tale of your own.

Participants: All welcome.

Mary Hays Bio:

Mary is a freelance storyteller and independent consultant for schools, public libraries, performance festivals, museums, parents and community groups.

Doreen Vanderstoop Bio:

Doreen is a Calgary-based storyteller, musician and writer who performs songs of all kinds and stories ranging from literary adaptations to original narratives to folktales at schools, libraries,  festivals, conferences and concerts.

S3: Simplify Your StoriesSimplifiez votre histoire 

Sage Tyrtle, Toronto, Ontario 

Sage shares and demonstrates tips and tricks behind simplifying any kind of story with in-depth structure and editing in writing to strengthen your oral performance. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring paper and pen to take notes.

Participants: Beginner and Intermediate 

Sage Tyrtle Bio:

Sage Tyrtle is the producer of the High Stakes Storytelling Podcast, and the High Stakes Live Storytelling Show in downtown Toronto. She gives warm and informal storytelling workshops in schools, in corporate settings, for individuals and groups. No matter what the situation, knowing how to tell a compelling story matters.   

Sage also tells stories all over Toronto, including Raconteurs, Tales Of, and True Stories Told Live. She tells folktales in schools and senior centres, and has been invited to participate in the FOOL Festival and the Toronto Storytelling Festival. Her stories have been featured on both NPR’s Snap Judgment and CBC’s Outfront.

S4: Le conte est-il un mythe? Is storytelling a myth? 

Petronella van Dijk, Canton de Hatley, Quebec

Atelier mi-théorie, mi-pratique, où nous ferons très rapidement le tour des grands genres de la littérature orale – tout en faisant conter chacun des participants (une histoire d'environ 5mn) en leur demandant quelles sont leurs bases pour la narration (écriture ou oralité). Nous aborderons surtout ce qui fait la singularité de l'oralité.

Pour conteurs débutants ou intermédiaires

Bio pour Petronella van Dijk:

Petronella van Dijk a dirigé pendant 20 ans le festival Les jours sont contés en Estrie.

En parallèle, elle a dirigé l'organisme Productions Littorale  (devenue la Maison des arts de la parole en 2012), , donné des conférences contées, des ateliers d'initiation au conte et depuis 2014, un atelier avancé sur l'Histoire de la littérature orale.

Elle conte depuis l'an 2000, surtout des récits issus des traditions du monde, mais également un spectacle de récits de temps de guerre intitulé Le silence des lettres. Elle présente aussi un spectacle pour les enfants, intitulé : La drôle d'Arche de Noé.

Elle a conté dans différents événements et pays (France, Pays-Bas, Allemagne, Espagne, Belgique, Pologne, Liban, Canada, Québec, Cuba).

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