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"The Honour of One is the Honour of All", Conference 2018

SET 2 Friday July 6th Sessions 90 minutes 1:30pm

SET 2 Friday July 6th Sessions 90 minutes 1:30pm

SET 2 Friday July 6th 90 min 1:30 pm to 3:00pm

F4:  Elders-in-Residence Circle of Learning Aînés-en-résidence

First Peoples House of Learning has invited local Elders to meet attendees during the conference which includes invitations on behalf of SC-CC to Elders from other parts of Ontario and Canada. At afternoon sessions on Friday and Saturday, this will take the format of a ‘Circle of Learning’ around a Sacred Fire held in the tipi on site of Trent University, a short walk outside from Gzowski College. It will allow a special time to listen and reflect together on different approaches about the significance and importance of storytelling from an Indigenous perspective. This will be an opportunity for everyone to begin to know and understand each other a little better and in respect of each other’s culture and practice. 

F5:  The Fourth Apple: La quatrième pomme :
Making spaces for storytelling-faire des espaces pour la narration (bilingual-activité bilingue)

Dan Yashinsky and Petronella van Dijk
Armenian fairytales end with a saying:  Three apples fell from heaven - one for the storyteller, one for the listener, and one for those who heard.  This open discussion explores the fourth apple - the one that falls for the hosts, slam leaders, animators, organizers, series curators, and festival directors.  Storytelling festivals and performance series are vital spaces in the international storytelling renaissance. Dan and Petronella invite you to bring your questions, answers, and stories about your own leadership experiences as they explore the ups and downs of producing storytelling celebrations. 

Participants: leaders and organizers – dirigeants et les organisateurs

Dan Yashinsky and Petronella van Dijk are professional storytellers, writers, and community animators. They are founders of festivals; Dan in Toronto and Petronella in Canton de Hatley, QC; both have many years experience as artistic directors.

F6: Le conte au long cours
Long story short

(in french and english)

Yves Robitaille, Montréal, Québec 
Après une présentation d’une vingtaine de minutes à partir de mon expérience sur la suite troyenne, il y aura échange avec le groupe autour de la question : Comment aborder un long récit pour le travailler en suites ou le synthétiser en une soirée de longueur normale (comme les soirées de l’Iliade et de l’Odyssée dans la suite troyenne). 

Participants: Pour conteurs intermédiaires ou d'expérience; Les participants ayant un projet à développer sont invités à le présenter et à parler de leur démarche.

Bio pour Yves Robitaille: 
Depuis le début des années 90, Yves Robitaille participe à de nombreuses lectures de poésie, entre autres à la Place aux poètes et est invité à participer au Festival international de la littérature en 2000. Mais depuis la création, en 1998, des Dimanches du conte au Sergent Recruteur, c'est surtout comme conteur qu'on le connaît.

Il a présenté ses histoires au Sergent Recruteur, aux Mardis-Gras, au Studio littéraire de la Place des Arts, sur le site des Mosaïcultures internationales de Montréal (en français et en anglais), au Festival de Bouche à Oreille, au Festival Interculturel du Conte du Québec, à la Nuit Internationale du Conte en Acadie (NICA), au Ottawa Storytellers Festival (en anglais avec Denise Markhame) 

F7: Music and Storytelling 
Conte et musique 


Anne Lederman, Toronto, Ontario  
Many storytellers like to work with music, either recorded or live. This workshop will be a discussion with storytellers and storyteller/musicians sharing their experiences and different approaches to meld the two art forms. Questions, examples and tips from Anne’s experience as a professional musician and storyteller will help inspire bridging the gap for collaboration. 

Participants: All welcome

Anne Lederman Bio :

Originally from Manitoba, fiddler/singer/composer Anne Lederman is strongly rooted in several Canadian musical traditions, old and new – Metis and French-Canadian, Scottish, Irish and Old-Time Canadian, Eastern European and African. She sings in several languages and also plays mandolin, tenor guitar, piano, bones, feet, jawharp and more. 

F8: The Root of the Story: Digging into Memory and Imagination
 Aux sources d’une histoire : puiser dans ses souvenirs et son imagination 


Danica Lorer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  

This story creation workshop encourages tellers to use their unique experiences and creativity to develop new stories both true and fantastical. Danica will share some of her tricks for tapping into the odd and familiar to create engaging narratives that connect to audiences on a variety of emotional levels.

Participants: All welcome

Danica Lorer Bio: 
Danica Lorer's last name lives in the word explorer. She follows the highway as a ribbon tying her to the amazing sky, clear water, words on the wind, and beautiful people. Over the past 20 years as a professional storyteller, Danica's favourite listeners and workshop participants have been 0-103 years old. She believes in the power of story. She believes in the power of story.

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