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Valerie Sprenger

Valerie SprengerMississauga, Ontario

Phone : 905-855-9497


Valerie Sprenger’s storytelling career began when as a child she read stories to her younger brother and sister. It continued in earnest when she had two daughters of her own. Valerie loves good stories and finds much joy in sharing good stories with others so they can love them too. Valerie’s daughter Victoria caught the love of stories so well that at the age of 12 she wrote a novelette that was published by Kids for Kids BooksTM.

Valerie believes that sharing appropriate aged stories to babies lays a foundation for speech, sharing interesting stories to children lays a foundation for a love of books and learning, and sharing inspirational stories to youth lays a foundation for who they become. Stories and storytelling bonds the listener to the storyteller by provoking thoughts and interests and evoking emotions and enjoyment. Stories and storytelling sharpens listening and critical thinking skills in people of all ages.

Valerie will be travelling to China in April and May 2015 to provide storytelling demonstrations with renowned children’s book author, Ruowen Wang.

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