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Stephen (Steve) Earl Goudey

Stephen (Steve) Earl  Goudey

46 Bates Street

Fredericton NB E3A5B8

Telephone : (H) 506 458 2714

Email :

Hello my name is Steve Goudey. I am originally from Yarmouth Nova Scotia but have lived in Fredericton since 1972. If you like being entertained, engaged and to laugh I think you will enjoy my stories. The comment I get most from listeners is, "Wow" I wasn't expecting that!

I was very fortunate to have known all of my Grandparents and Great Grandparents. They were unique story tellers and special people. They passed this craft on to me. But in the 21st century why should we even bother to tell stories to each other when we have the internet, U-tube and Face Book to keep us entertained? The answer is simple. Stories make us imagine and tap into our spirit self that makes each of us unique.

Over the past few years I have done story telling sessions around the Maritimes. Our audiences havyeahe laughed a lot during the humorous sessions and were mystified and entertained by the others. I try to match up my stories with the group I am speaking to depending on their interests, the season or the location. My stories include unusual paranormal, often unknown maritime historic tales and funny personal stories.

So if you need a speaker for your seasonal event like Halloween, Christmas, Easter. Or to entertain at a conference, office function or tourist event send me an email. My sessions usually last about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the event. goudey-s.jpg

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