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Nathalie Vachon

Nathalie Vachon

Nathalie has delighted audiences in Canada, the United States and Asia with her whimsical and imaginative tales.  Effortlessly creating stories to spark the imagination, Nathalie shows that in the realm of story anything is possible!  Mirabelle’s dress holds magical powers, there’s a giraffe in the car, a blanket of darkness has covered the sky, Edgar has forgotten his shoes and Madeleine is having a most unlucky morning...

Nathalie spins original tales for all ages that will engage, inspire and tickle the funny bone.  With audience participation, songs, instruments and wordplay, audiences will fall in love with storytelling and see that stories are in fact everywhere!  

Nathalie has been guest artist in public schools, libraries, creative workshops, seminars and corporate events.  On the Roster of Artists at Prologue to the Performing Arts, she brings her show “Imagination on the Loose” to schools and auditoriums throughout Ontario.

“In the past 15 years I have never seen such continuous laughter and delight from an audience.  Nathalie is engaging, funny and creative:  and she presents her stories with warmth and a contagious love of life, culture and adventure. “
Yusuke Tanaka, Katari Storytelling Organizer
Toronto Storytelling Festival

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