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Benjamin Bright

Benjamin Bright

110 Elmwood

Gananoque Ontario K7G 1N9

Phone: 613-382-7481



With a Welsh background, he is a natural storyteller after listening to his Granny’s tales about ship wrecks, gypsies and donkey’s! Growing up in the middle of a forest, surrounded by History and Tradition his imagination fired as he roamed Castles and Ancient Ruins across the British Isle’s, his life was filled with unusual characters.

Moving at age 10, his family explored Canada by driving Coast to Coast. As an adult he followed the same exploration for work & vacations. Eventually ending up in Stratford and on a dare, writing “Nigel Pluckrose; Please Sit Down!” This collection of short stories, about an 8 year-old social outcast, developed a passion for oral storytelling he never knew existed.

Suddenly finding himself telling stories at Fundraisers, Story Swaps, Schools, Conferences, Churches and Festival’s, he was asked to help start the St Marys Storytelling Festival as an “Angel” to guest tellers, he watched, listened and learned. Now he knew what he was destined to do.

Promoting Literacy in schools by using storytelling with messages about being your-self and living life to the fullest. He enthralls students and adults alike, making them laugh, think and even cry with his facial expressions, sounds and hyper-physical presence. Students show him hidden Art, Poem’s, Stories and Songs their teachers had no idea existed. Over 5000 students have participated in “The Experiment” with only 3 that have succeeded but it makes his point.

He offers workshops for creative writing, thinking and performing, presentations that motivate and inspire, short seminars for adults, as well as helping others write their own stories but mostly he offers fun, fun, fun that reminds adults of the child in all of us. He tells his own stories, others stories (with permission), jokes, folk lore and will customize a set for a special requirement.

Just as Storytellers have since the dawn of time, around the warmth of a fire in the shelter of a cave, beneath the wonder of the Milky Way or sitting in a Coffee House he is committed to the Art of Oral Storytelling to inspire and inform others while entertaining them.

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