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Anne LeBlanc

Anne  LeBlanc

Since 2009, Anne LeBlanc has been involved with the Festival de la parole as an organizer and a storyteller where she has performed to both children and adult audiences. She has attended many workshops over the years with well known storytellers such as Stéphanie Bénéteau, Roger Dallaire, Clara Dugas and others.

Anne has considerable experience in storytelling in the French schools in Nova Scotia. She has written the Acadian legends of her community as well as created a series of paintings depicting these legends, which she uses in the story illustration workshops she offers to students from grade 4 to 7 in schools, art galleries and libraries.

Anne has taken her storytelling to Louisiana, where she presented her Acadian legends and other stories in the schools and library in the Calcasieu Parish in Lake Charles.

Her storytelling can be either in French or English and for the most part is, but not limited to Acadian legends and stories. Her passion for her Acadian culture gives her the energy needed to keep children entertained while at the same time teaching them about her culture

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