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1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling - Toronto, 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling - Toronto, Ontario
Abusarar, Sarah Abusarar, Sarah Ontario African Stages Association of British Columbia, African Stages Association of British Columbia, British Columbia Albert, Brigitte Albert, Brigitte Quebec Andrews, Jan Andrews, Jan Ontario Around Town Tellers, Nanaimo Around Town Tellers, Nanaimo British Columbia
Bailey, Kathleen Bailey, Kathleen Ontario Baker, Ron Baker, Ron Ontario Barnwell, Gretta Barnwell, Gretta Quebec Barton, Bob Barton, Bob Ontario Batten, Denise Batten, Denise Newfoundland and Labrador Beck, Micki Beck, Micki Ontario Bédard, Nadyne Bédard, Nadyne Quebec Bellano, Lisa Bellano, Lisa British Columbia Belleau, Sylvi Belleau, Sylvi Quebec Bénéteau, Stéphanie Bénéteau, Stéphanie Quebec Benjamin,  Elinor Benjamin, Elinor Nova Scotia Bennett,  Kathy Bennett, Kathy Saskatchewan Berner, Wendy Berner, Wendy Alberta Bertelli, Mariella Bertelli, Mariella Ontario Bérubé, Jérome Bérubé, Jérome Quebec Best, Anita Best, Anita Newfoundland and Labrador Biggs, Dinny Biggs, Dinny Ontario Bilodeau, Marie Bilodeau, Marie Ontario Bisset, Pat Bisset, Pat Quebec Blackmore, Marva Blackmore, Marva British Columbia Blake, B. George Blake, B. George Ontario Boyce, Susan M Boyce, Susan M British Columbia Bright, Benjamin Bright, Benjamin Ontario Brown, June Brown, June Ontario Brown, Lorne Brown, Lorne Ontario Bryce, Marie Bryce, Marie Alberta Byers, Brenda Byers, Brenda Ontario
Cameron, Moira Cameron, Moira Northwest Territories Cameron, Norma Cameron, Norma British Columbia Campbell-Stone, Cindy Campbell-Stone, Cindy Nova Scotia Capitaine Bonnefemme, Capitaine Bonnefemme, Quebec Carfra, Pat Carfra, Pat British Columbia Carmody, Bruce Carmody, Bruce Ontario Catherwood, Kristin Catherwood, Kristin Saskatchewan Cayley, Jennifer Cayley, Jennifer Ontario Chandler, Dianne Chandler, Dianne Ontario Charters, Susan Charters, Susan Ontario Cherkas, J. Doris Cherkas, J. Doris Ontario Chown , Mary Louise Chown , Mary Louise Manitoba Chromej-Johnston, Irene Chromej-Johnston, Irene Ontario Clark, Melda Clark, Melda Ontario Cohen, Rosalyn Cohen, Rosalyn Ontario Cole, Sandy Cole, Sandy British Columbia Cox, Rita Cox, Rita Ontario Crête, Françoise Crête, Françoise Quebec
d'Entremont, Laurent d'Entremont, Laurent Nova Scotia Danziger, Ruth Danziger, Ruth Ontario Davison, Phyllis Davison, Phyllis Ontario De Guevara, Lina De Guevara, Lina British Columbia de Vos, Gail de Vos, Gail Alberta Dudinsky, Donna Dudinsky, Donna Ontario Dugas, Clara Anne Dugas, Clara Anne Nova Scotia Dunleavy, Deborah Dunleavy, Deborah Ontario Durham Folklore Storytellers, Durham Folklore Storytellers, Ontario
Eddis, Nancy Eddis, Nancy Quebec Eisenberg, Selina Eisenberg, Selina Quebec Ellis, Bethany Ellis, Bethany Alberta Englot, Renée Englot, Renée Alberta
Fabrique à Légendes / Legend Factory, Fabrique à Légendes / Legend Factory, British Columbia Fairlee, Cathryn Fairlee, Cathryn United States Falaise, Geneviève Falaise, Geneviève Quebec Falquet, Jacques Falquet, Jacques Quebec Farkas, Carol Farkas, Carol Ontario Ferris, Jennifer Ferris, Jennifer British Columbia Fowler, Albert Fowler, Albert British Columbia Frost, M. Jennie Frost, M. Jennie Alberta
Gail, Anglin Gail, Anglin Ontario Gavan, Mary Gavan, Mary British Columbia Generator (Admin), Generator (Admin), Ontario Glaude, Laurent Glaude, Laurent Ontario Glover, Anne Glover, Anne British Columbia Godfrey, Shirley Godfrey, Shirley Nova Scotia Gooding, Pearl-Ann Gooding, Pearl-Ann Alberta Goudey, Stephen (Steve) Earl Goudey, Stephen (Steve) Earl New Brunswick Graham, Bob Graham, Bob Ontario Gray, Barry Gray, Barry British Columbia Green, Jim Green, Jim Alberta Gregoire, Joan Gregoire, Joan Quebec Grondin, Pauline Grondin, Pauline Ontario Gruner, Marion Gruner, Marion Ontario Gugler, Laurel Dee Gugler, Laurel Dee Ontario Gummo, Karen Gummo, Karen Alberta
Haigh, Jerry Haigh, Jerry Saskatchewan Hamilton Storytelling Circle, Hamilton Storytelling Circle, Ontario Harrison, Carol Harrison, Carol Saskatchewan Hays, Mary Hays, Mary Alberta Heineman, Judith Heineman, Judith United States Herald, Don Herald, Don Ontario Hersberger, Betty Hersberger, Betty Alberta Hetherington, Brian Hetherington, Brian Ontario Hickey, John David Hickey, John David Quebec Howard, Victoria Howard, Victoria Quebec Howes, Lynda Howes, Lynda Ontario Hune, Bernice Gei-ying Hune, Bernice Gei-ying Ontario
Jaeger, Sally Jaeger, Sally Ontario Jantet, Céline Jantet, Céline Quebec Jarvis, Dale Jarvis, Dale Newfoundland and Labrador Jarvis, Joanna Jarvis, Joanna Nova Scotia Jarvis, Peter Jarvis, Peter Alberta Jeansonne, Lorraine M. M. Jeansonne, Lorraine M. M. Ontario Jessup , Kathy Jessup , Kathy Alberta Jones, Priscilla Jones, Priscilla British Columbia Jordan, Philomena Jordan, Philomena British Columbia Joyce, Lynda Joyce, Lynda Ontario
Kaplan, Howard Kaplan, Howard Ontario Kehler, Leigh-Anne Kehler, Leigh-Anne Manitoba Kenney, Sue Kenney, Sue Ontario Kernaghan, Cathie Kernaghan, Cathie Alberta Kerz, Anna Kerz, Anna Ontario Kilpatrick, Kim Kilpatrick, Kim Ontario Kompass, Kathie Kompass, Kathie Ontario Kosijer, Ingrid Kosijer, Ingrid Ontario Krahn, Sandra Krahn, Sandra Manitoba
LaLonde, Bill LaLonde, Bill Ontario Latitudes Storytelling Festival, Latitudes Storytelling Festival, Ontario Leard, James Leard, James British Columbia LeBlanc, Anne LeBlanc, Anne Nova Scotia LeBlanc-Haley, Joanne LeBlanc-Haley, Joanne New Brunswick Leousis, Elias Leousis, Elias Quebec LeRoy, Janet LeRoy, Janet Quebec Les Semeurs de contes, Les Semeurs de contes, Quebec Lewis, Lynda Lewis, Lynda New Brunswick Lindgren, Chris Lindgren, Chris Saskatchewan Lipman, Doug Lipman, Doug United States Lippiatt, Mary Ann Lippiatt, Mary Ann Alberta Lips, Tom Lips, Tom Ontario Litman, Shoshana Litman, Shoshana British Columbia Logan, Bonnie Logan, Bonnie Saskatchewan Lorer, Danica Lorer, Danica Saskatchewan Lottridge, Celia Lottridge, Celia Ontario Lupien-Durocher, Marie Lupien-Durocher, Marie Quebec Lykan, Calum Lykan, Calum Alberta
MacKenzie, Kevin MacKenzie, Kevin Saskatchewan Mafane, Mafane, Quebec Mahintorabi, Antje Mahintorabi, Antje British Columbia Maison des arts de la parole, Maison des arts de la parole, Quebec Maison natale de Louis Fréchette, Maison natale de Louis Fréchette, Quebec Malabar, Laurie Malabar, Laurie Ontario Malo, Rob Malo, Rob Manitoba Marier, Geneviève Marier, Geneviève Quebec Markhame, Denise Markhame, Denise Quebec Martin, Jennifer Martin, Jennifer British Columbia Mayr, Christine Mayr, Christine Quebec McClear, Mary-Eileen McClear, Mary-Eileen Ontario McGregor, Murray McGregor, Murray Ontario McLean, Marie Anne McLean, Marie Anne Alberta McLoughlin, Margo McLoughlin, Margo British Columbia McQuaid, Rebecca McQuaid, Rebecca Ontario Meade, Joan Meade, Joan New Brunswick Merleau, David Merleau, David Ontario Michaud, Anita Michaud, Anita New Brunswick Michaud, Nelson Michaud, Nelson New Brunswick Michele, Kim Michele, Kim Ontario Mikolayenko, Linda Mikolayenko, Linda Saskatchewan Miller, Claire Miller, Claire Nova Scotia Mogensen, Faye Mogensen, Faye British Columbia Msingwana, Kwanza Msingwana, Kwanza Ontario Mullen, Ginger Mullen, Ginger Alberta Muller, Rachel Muller, Rachel British Columbia Murphy, Margaret Murphy, Margaret British Columbia Murphy, Noreen Murphy, Noreen British Columbia Murray, James Murray, James British Columbia
Nagy, Anne Nagy, Anne Ontario Nagy, Philip Nagy, Philip Ontario Newkirk, Liz Newkirk, Liz Nova Scotia Newland, Laura Newland, Laura Ontario Newman, Gabriel Newman, Gabriel British Columbia Ng, Michelle Ng, Michelle British Columbia Northey, Shayna Northey, Shayna British Columbia
O'Connor, Laura O'Connor, Laura Alberta O'Reilly, Elaine O'Reilly, Elaine Ontario Ogilvie, Leslie Ogilvie, Leslie Ontario Orth, Kathleen Orth, Kathleen Ontario Ottawa StoryTellers, Ottawa StoryTellers, Ontario Ottewill, Angelica Ottewill, Angelica Ontario
Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, Ontario Park, Layton Park, Layton British Columbia Peringer, Marylyn Peringer, Marylyn Ontario Perrin, Norm Perrin, Norm Ontario Peterborough Storytellers, Peterborough Storytellers, Ontario Poirier, Judith Poirier, Judith Quebec Profeit-LeBlanc, Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, Louise Quebec Projean, Daniel Projean, Daniel Quebec
Quinn, Kathleen Quinn, Kathleen Alberta
Ray, Melanie Ray, Melanie British Columbia Regroupement du Conte au Quebec, Regroupement du Conte au Quebec, Quebec Richards, Ronald Richards, Ronald Nova Scotia Robitaille, Yves Robitaille, Yves Quebec Rochette, Nicolas Rochette, Nicolas Quebec Rodriguez, Ricardo A. Rodriguez, Ricardo A. Ontario Rosen, Barry Rosen, Barry Ontario Rothfels, Ann Rothfels, Ann Quebec Routliffe, Shirley Routliffe, Shirley British Columbia Ryan, Sheila Ryan, Sheila Ontario
Sanders, Alvin Sanders, Alvin British Columbia Scott, Rick Scott, Rick British Columbia Shields, Dunc Shields, Dunc British Columbia Shier Weisberg, Yehudit Shier Weisberg, Yehudit Ontario SIBoucaud, SIBoucaud, Ontario Siddiqui , Summi  Siddiqui , Summi Ontario Singh, Marta Singh, Marta Ontario Sinha, Rubena Sinha, Rubena Ontario Smith, Barbara Smith, Barbara British Columbia Smyth, Kathleen Smyth, Kathleen Ontario Spencer, Goldie Spencer, Goldie Ontario Sprenger, Valerie Sprenger, Valerie Ontario St. Amand, Katherine St. Amand, Katherine British Columbia St. Clair, James St. Clair, James Nova Scotia Stender, Linda Stender, Linda British Columbia Stevens, Lani Stevens, Lani British Columbia Stewart, Donna Stewart, Donna Ontario Stewart-Verger, Ruth Stewart-Verger, Ruth Ontario Stone, Kay Stone, Kay Manitoba Storytellers' Circle of Halifax, Storytellers' Circle of Halifax, Nova Scotia Storytelling Toronto, Storytelling Toronto, Ontario Sukaitis, Molly Sukaitis, Molly Ontario
T.A.L.E.S. - Calgary, T.A.L.E.S. - Calgary, Alberta Tacka, Marie-Gabrielle Tacka, Marie-Gabrielle Quebec TALES Edmonton, TALES Edmonton, Alberta TALES-Strathcona, TALES-Strathcona, Alberta Taylor, Christopher Taylor, Christopher British Columbia TEST, STAF TEST, STAF Ontario Thom, Cat Thom, Cat British Columbia Thomas, Becky Thomas, Becky Saskatchewan Thornton, Cheryl Thornton, Cheryl Ontario Tocher, Michelle Tocher, Michelle Ontario Torrie, Lynn Torrie, Lynn Ontario Tremblay, Bernard Tremblay, Bernard Quebec Tremblay, Carol Tremblay, Carol British Columbia Tremblay-Conlin, Madeleine Tremblay-Conlin, Madeleine Quebec Tso, Diana Tso, Diana Ontario Tutty, Paddy Tutty, Paddy Saskatchewan Tyrtle, Sage Tyrtle, Sage Ontario
Unger, Audrey Unger, Audrey Manitoba
Vachon, Nathalie Vachon, Nathalie Ontario van Deusen, Kira van Deusen, Kira British Columbia Van Dijk, Petronella Van Dijk, Petronella Quebec Vancouver Society of Storytelling, Vancouver Society of Storytelling, British Columbia Vanderstoop, Doreen Vanderstoop, Doreen Alberta Verger, Dean Verger, Dean Ontario Victoria Storytellers Guild, Victoria Storytellers Guild, British Columbia Vollick, Barbara Vollick, Barbara Ontario Voyageur Storytelling, Voyageur Storytelling, Ontario
Walker, Norman Walker, Norman Saskatchewan Walker, Phyllis Walker, Phyllis Ontario Wang, Ruowen Wang, Ruowen Ontario Warnock, Patti Warnock, Patti Quebec Wehking, Carol Leigh Wehking, Carol Leigh Ontario Welburn, Cassy Welburn, Cassy Alberta Whaley, Heather Whaley, Heather Ontario Wheat, Susan Wheat, Susan Ontario Wiggin, Mary Wiggin, Mary Ontario Winham, Linda Winham, Linda Nova Scotia Wright, Catherine Wright, Catherine Newfoundland and Labrador Wright, Jeff Wright, Jeff Ontario
Xanthakos, Harriet Xanthakos, Harriet Ontario
Yashinsky, Dan Yashinsky, Dan Ontario
Zaharia, Flora Zaharia, Flora Manitoba
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