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Ambassador's Grant

Ambassadors for Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada Travel Grant *As funds are available

**A Note to Members Regarding the Ambassador's Grant for this year:

The 2016-2017 budget this year, does not allow SC-CC to directly offer international travel grants to members. So we are researching other avenues of financial support through Canada Council. 

One is a professional artist’s own application for an Arts Abroad grant. You will first have to create an account in the new portal of Canada Council and register your profile for validation at least 30 days before you want to apply, but there is no application deadline. Votre admissibilité à cette composante est déterminée en fonction de votre profil créé sur le portail et approuvé par le Conseil. http://conseildesarts.ca/financement/subventions/rayonner-a-l-international

First-time applicants are strongly encouraged to speak to a Program Officer before applying.You will find detailed information on the Canada Council page here:


More About the Ambassador's Grant:

*Please be reminded we are not accepting applications for Ambassador's Grants at this time.

This Grant has been established, as part of the mandate of SC-CC, to partially support travel of SC-CC members to international conferences and storytelling festivals to serve as ambassadors of SC-CC, with the expectation that mutually beneficial connections with storytellers and storytelling organizations around the world will be created.

  • The Ambassadors for Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada Travel Grants are up to $500 per event. 
  • Applicants must be members of SC-CC in good standing for at least two years.
  • The applicant agrees to take to the conference/festival SC-CC promotional materials (which will be supplied by the Board), and to bring back any useful materials, contacts, etc. that may help SC-CC establish continuing mutual relations with the conference/festival.
  • The recipient(s) is/are selected through a juried process. The jury is anonymous.
We are not accepting applications for Ambassadors Grants at this time. 

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