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Directory of Members - Repetoire des Conteurs 2014 - Jan 16, 2014

Directory Supplement Mar 31 - members added since Jan 16, 2014

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Introduction to Doug Lipman's Keynote Address on Coaching Storytellers from our 2013 Conference:

Links to the remaining videos are at: http://www.storytellers-conteurs.ca/members/lipman-video.html


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Celebrating our 20th year
Here is what we looked like in Montreal 20 years ago

The founders-fondateurs

Can you help us identify the people in this photo? Click the photo for a larger version. Here is what we have to date:

Back row: George Blake, Bob Barton, Rosayn Cohen, Ingrid Kosiger,
Michelle Rousseau, Lorne Brown, the eyebrows of Dan Yashinsky, the coiffeur of ?? and a mystery person behind Celia Lottridge

Middle Row: Pierre Renaud, Joanne LeBlanc-Haley, Ann Rothfels,
Joan Meade, Dianea Phillips, Jan Gregory, Ann Taylor , Helen Porter,
Margaret Nicolai, Jan Andrews, Leslie Robbins, Celia Lottridge,
Jo Hiemstra, Kay Stone

On Floor: Lucy Keaton, Louise McDiarmid, Eta Markowicz (spelling?), Marylyn Peringer, Nancy Eddis, JoAnna Patton ( teal blue jacket) 1 curlyhead, ?Johanna Kuyvenhoven

Jan 16, 2014

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April 30, 2014

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